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Merino wool (combed)

We have two different types of Merino wool on offer:

Our basic product is the fine Merino. The wool has a fineness of 20 microns and we offer 33 fashionable colours in 100g, 300g and 1000g units. This wool is mainly used for wet felting, nuno felting and spinning. The origin of this wool is Argentina or South Africa and is guaranteed to be ´mulesing-free´.


The super fine Merino wool tops are super soft with a fineness of 16 microns. The fineness is comparable to Cashmere tops and is particularly recommended for garments that will touch the skin. This wool can be used for wet felting, nuno felting and spinning. We offer 15 colours in 100g units. These wool tops are from Australia, since the fineness is limited to this area.

Both qualities are carefully tested regarding felting degree. The dyeing conforms to Oecotex 100 Standard (class II) - this guarantees high-colour fastness and tested quality.


Merino fleece (combed)

Our fine Merino fleece is a product made out of our fine Merino range. The fineness is therefore about 20 microns. The main advantage of our fleece is that we use the combed wool tops as basic material and have, therefore, fewer visible straw parts or neps in the fleece. The Merino fleece is recommended for the felting of surfaces. We offer 33 colours.

Our fine Merino fleece has a format of about 80x300 cm and a weight of about 270g.

Local Austrian wool (carded)

Our Austrian wool is available as carded fleece in 17 colours. This ´mountain´ wool is coarser than our Merino line and is used for robust felting projects such as slippers, bags or needle felting.
The units are available in 170g with a format of about 70x100 cm. Natural colours are also available in 1000g units.


Tussah silk tops is a wild silk. In contrast to breeding silk (e.g., mulberry silk) the butterly is allowed to leave the cocoon before the silk is harvested.
We offer 25 colours in our Tussah silk range, which can be ideally combined with our Merino lines. They are sold in units of 25g. This quality is recommended for wet felting, nuno felting and spinning.
When felting with silk, it is necessary to combine it with wool in order to create a basis.

Silk hankies are a real speciality. You can use them to create structural effects in your felt work. The silk hankies have a format of about 20x20 cm and are available in 10g units. The hankies have several layers to achieve interesting transparent and shining effects.

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